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Meet Lynda Mitchell, a graduate student studying World History at Northeastern University. Lynda graduated from Northeastern University in 2021 with a B.A. in International Affairs and minors in Music Industry, Marketing, and History.

How did you find your passion for music and why did you choose to pursue this in college? 

Music has always played a large role in my life. I loved music from an early age and was always curious to find new artists. I also grew up dancing and love the performative nature of dance. Dancing continues to be a passion of mine and I have been lucky to continue it in college through No Limits Dance Crew. Despite my love of dance, I knew I didn’t want to be a performer. Understanding all the roles people played in managing an artist’s career has always fascinated me. My love for the music industry would fully take off after taking Intro to Music Industry with Prof. Leon Janikian at Northeastern.

I grew up traveling the world and knew that I wanted to incorporate my love of international relations with music. Artist’s careers are becoming increasingly global as the world continues to expand through social media and technology. Understanding the culture and norms of a country is vital to the artist’s success in that market. Thus, I felt it was vital to incorporate both International Relations and the Music Industry in my studies.

Tell us about your position with Artist Managers.

I worked as an Artist Management Co-op under the two main managers Eddie Nam and Brian Khloe. EN Management is a full-service artist management company that specializes in management, touring, and A&R consulting. Based in Los Angeles, the company has numerous international clients including Eric Nam, Epik High, Tablo, KATIE. It also is home to award-winning producers such as Mighty Mike, Rabbit, and Will Leong. One thing I have loved about working at EN Management is the opportunity to experience how a company manages global artists with worldwide fanbases.

What were some of your responsibilities with Artist Managers?

I loved that every week was different and challenged me in new ways. On some days, I helped with daily tasks such as booking appointments, creating promotional decks, attending artist zoom events, and transcribing interviews. Other weeks were spent working on A&R lists for collaborations and studio sessions. Social media was a large element of my role at EN Management. I helped manage the company’s social media accounts, tracked artist’s mentions and monitored TikTok trends to see which would apply to our artists. I also created a research project that analyzed popular social media stars to understand social trends, commonalities, and new features within social media platforms. I really enjoyed being able to dive deeper into social media and understand what makes certain stars such as Jason Derulo and Will Smith successful.

What was the most rewarding experience about working Artist Managers?

Both Eddie and Brian have extensive knowledge of the music industry, and I was so lucky to be able to pick their brain on their experience. While touring had stopped due to the pandemic, Eddie walked me through planning a tour and strategies to getting your artist onto major festivals. Working with Brian on A&R was also an amazing experience. Getting to listen to demos and coming up with artists that fit the songs was a highlight of my week! I really appreciate all the time and effort they put into working with me.

How will this co-op experience influence your future work as a student and artist?

This co-op is the first time I got to work and experience an industry I love. The co-op was an incredible experience that helped me refine what areas of the industry I am interested in. The skills I learned while on co-op are invaluable for whatever career choices I make in the future. The industry insights I gained shaped my final capstone project.

Anything else?

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Craig for helping me and the other students find a co-op during a pandemic. Both my advisors Rebecca Westerling and Craig Bettinson have been wonderful, and I am so thankful to them. They both went above and beyond trying to make sure students were able to continue co-op during such a difficult time.

Trying to find a co-op in the Music Industry is often a difficult and draining process. The biggest advice I can give someone, while cliché, is to never give up on your dreams if it is something you really want to do. I never thought I would be able to have a co-op at a company that combined my love of international cultures, the music industry, and K-Pop.