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Image shows a gallery attendee reading the wall text at Gallery360's 2023 exhibition "At Play."

Northeastern’s Center for the Arts is guided by a core mission: to explore critical creative practice and the role of the arts in contemporary life. In 2023, our team used this mission to drive exhibitions, programs, and research opportunities that catalyze important, interdisciplinary conversations.

Beyond these activities, our dedication to students, faculty, artists, and community members has resulted in a marked increase in gallery attendance, new partnerships with colleagues at Northeastern Crossing and the LGBTQ Resource Center, and renewed press interest from local Boston news outlets — to name a few. As we reflect on the last twelve months and work to measure our impact, we’re especially proud of some notable endeavors and achievements.

Thank you to our staff, colleagues, faculty collaborators, and community members for helping to build a vibrant creative ecosystem within and beyond Northeastern. ​​Looking forward, I am heartened by the possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to shape a world where the arts thrive.

Juliana Rowen Barton

Director, Center for the Arts