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David and Thomas smile for the camera at their co-op.

CAMD Alumna Priyanka Ketkar

During her time as a graduate student in Northeastern’s Master of Arts in Journalism program, Priyanka Ketkar had a valuable co-op experience at TechTarget that helped her explore a new interest in technological writing. Before coming to the United States for her master’s degree, she worked as a movie critic and entertainment journalist in India for five years, so working at a company that offers data-driven marketing services to B2B technology vendors was a shift of gears – but a welcome one.

“Writing about technology was a completely different experience for me,” explained Priyanka. “My co-op position not only piqued my interest in technological writing but also the various technological developments themselves. It truly opened a new world for me. Tech jargon, the more formal style of writing, and the fact that technology changes in a blink of a second, instantly making your stories old news, was an exciting new aspect of this kind of writing.”

As an Editorial Assistant at TechTarget, she worked with two editorial groups, the End User Computing group and the Products group. She had the opportunity to research and write articles on technology related to mobile computing, desktop virtualization, and enterprise desktop. She also worked on editing and proofreading articles, as well as some aspects of social media management.

She found her co-op experience to work well with what she had been learning in her classes.

“My classes revolving around the best journalistic practices, interview techniques, and specifically the class ‘storytelling with data’ helped me look at the TechTarget work assignments from a fresh perspective,” Priyanka said. “I was not just at the internship to learn but I could also bring something to the table. I could contribute with what I was learning in my classes.”

TechTarget continues to partner with Northeastern University, with its latest co-ops being two CAMD undergraduate students. David Harbeck, Journalism, and Thomas Gambardella, Communication Studies, have both had great experiences as Editorial Assistants, too!

Best of luck to Priyanka, David, and Thomas, and thank you TechTarget for working with Northeastern!