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Anya Gupta

Anya Gupta, a third year at CAMD studying music industry, joined industry juggernaut Sony Entertainment as a promotion co-op at Columbia Records. Before joining Columbia Records, she was a digital marketing co-op with Good Harbor, a music management company based in Somerville. CAMD was able to catch up with her about her latest co-op experience.


How did your experiences at CAMD prepare you for your co-op?

I think the most valuable thing CAMD has given me to prepare me for my co-op at Sony has been a safe space to pursue my passion and a supportive community to help guide me through this experience. The well rounded education I have received through learning about the music business, law, and art has been incredibly helpful. The communication and collaboration skills I’ve strengthened as well as the overall knowledge of music I have learned through my last three years at Northeastern have put me in a great position to work for a well established major label like Sony. I’ve learned something valuable from every class I have taken and have built strong relationships with my professors. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities CAMD has given
me to pursue what I love most.

What were you most surprised by during your co-op experience?

I was surprised by the overwhelming amount of support from my team at Columbia Records. I went into this co-op open minded, unsure of what this experience would entail. Every person I have met has been willing to talk to me, share their experience working in music, and offer me the opportunity to sit in on calls and attend important events for artists. Their eagerness to teach me about the industry and help me ease into this experience is something I have appreciated greatly.

What lessons will you bring from your co-op when you come back to CAMD?

For me, co-op has been a very developmental period for me personally and professionally. I feel more confident in which department of music I want to pursue a career in, and this experience has given me an idea of what life post graduation will feel like. Having the opportunity to move to New York and work for a company and artists I admire has been an incredible experience, and I’m excited to come back to CAMD with more clarity. Most importantly, I feel prepared to work in the real world after I graduate.