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Department of Art + Design offers new and interdisciplinary courses for Fall 2018!

Courses for Art + Design Majors

ARTD3473 Animation for Games
CRN 18284

ARTD 3470.2 Animation 1
CRN 17022

ARTD 4570.1 Animation 2
CRN 10276

ARTD 4660.1 Studio Photography
CRN 11729

ARTH 5100 Contemporary Art Theory and Criticism
CRN 14714
Professor Gloria H. Sutton

Courses for Art + Design Non-majors (open to all)

ARTD 2350 Photo Basics for Nonmajors

CRN 18090
CRN 18091
CRN 18093
CRN 18375

ARTD 2350 – Photo Basics for Nonmajors

Offers a basic photography course that introduces students to the use of camera controls, computer-based image and file management systems, lighting, and final printing. Additionally, books on demand, slide shows, and image archiving are demonstrated and then explored by students. No previous experience is necessary. Does not fulfill major or minor requirements for students within the Department of Art + Design.

Please Note: A student-owned laptop and Adobe Creative Cloud is necessary for all students to complete course assignments and projects.

ARTF 2220 Horror Film | 4D Fundamentals
CRN 10787  | Professor Julia Hechtman

The goal of this class is to investigate the ways in which one can generate and utilize timebased media to communicate specific ideas (through the lens of the horror film genre). Throughout the course of the fall you will be asked to consider the ways that time effects experience, viewing and thought. You will be working in video, motion graphics, animation, photography and sound. We will be watching, listening to, analyzing and generating horror films. Students will view movies such as, Get Out, It Follows, Let the Right One In, Suspiria, Poltergeist and many, many more!!!

McGuire- Here

ARTE 2301 The Graphic Novel
CRN 18074 | Professor Hillary Chute

The medium of comics now seizes the public imagination like never before. The course tracks the history of the graphic novel, with an emphasis on contemporary work. How to read and interpret comics—and what this storytelling form teaches us about reading and looking. The word-and-image medium of comics as a narrative form. How to read comics—and what they teach us about reading—in addition to the creative practices that go into making them.                                                We will examine antecedents including “engraved novels,” newspaper comic strips, “wordless novels,” underground comic books, and punk fanzines to understand the graphic novel’s rise in the 1970s in addition to exploring current directions. Authors include Art Spiegelman, Alison Bechdel, Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, Lynda Barry, Gary Panter, Phoebe Gloeckner, Keiji Nakazawa, and Marjane Satrapi, among others. Will include visits from artists to discuss the craft of this verbal-visual form. No pre-requisites – open to all!

ARTH 1400 The Science of Art,The Art of Science
CRN 18146 | Dr. Cammy Brothers

Science and art were in constant dialogue in Renaissance Italy, and this course explores their intersection in relation to the broad themes of observation and invention. Topics include engineering, anatomy, botany, zoology, cartography, perspective and ecology. Students will hone their skills of observation through writing and drawing, focused around weekly visits to the Museum of Fine Arts to study original works of art. No pre-requisites – open to all!