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Eva poses for test shoot for the Boston Globe Magazine.

CAMD student Eva Maldonado, who is studying Journalism, is currently the Video Co-op for the Boston Globe, a position she had her heart set on years before she started. Since landing this dream role last December, she has been in charge of creating short-form videos for daily and breaking stories. With the ever-increasing demand for video content in the journalism industry and news cycle, Eva’s co-op at the Globe has been fast-paced, exciting, diverse, and an incredible learning experience.

“The stories that I produce videos for could be anything from President Donald Trump’s press conferences, to Red Sox postgame interviews, to a dog whose leash got stuck in the Orange Line (and looks suspiciously like a Rockwell painting),” Eva explained, “I also get the chance to shoot interviews and live streams when they come up.”

Her first shoot on-the-job was the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year parade, where she helped her coworker shoot a livestream of Mila Kunis riding through Cambridge with the Hasty Pudding drag performers. The event was full of controversy and transformation, resulting in the first time in history Hasty Pudding would allow women to perform. Eva thoroughly enjoyed the organized chaos, and her experience has only continued to evolve throughout the semester.

“I recently got to interview Frank Oglesby, the man who voices all the MBTA train and bus announcements, which was pretty unreal. My most impactful experience so far, however, has been interviewing students who participated in National Walkout Day to protest gun violence,” Eva said. “It was an incredible opportunity to amplify their voices and showcase the future leaders of our country.”

While this hands-on learning experience has been invaluable, her coursework leading up to this co-op helped her feel prepared and ready to tackle any project that comes her way.

“When I was in class back on campus, the School of Journalism’s faculty Aleszu Bajak and Carlene Hempel helped me realize that journalism was a field I wanted to pursue,” Eva explained. “Their contributions to the world of storytelling inspire me to push boundaries and find the right stories to tell. This further motivated me to search for a co-op position in a newsroom.”

She was enthralled by the process and speed of it all, and explained how much she loves the unique experience of being able to overhear a conversation right behind her and then see it published in a few hours.

When it comes to the video portion of her role, Eva thanks NUTV for teaching her the ins and outs of Adobe Premiere, which is absolutely essential to her current work. Her second co-op as a Videographer for the New England Conservatory (NEC) also made a huge difference in preparing her for this final co-op experience.

“My co-op at the New England Conservatory was a huge asset in getting acquainted with AfterEffects, multicam editing, and most importantly, live shooting,” Eva concluded. “All of these skills prepared me for the fast-paced action of a newsroom like the Globe’s.”

With the Spring 2018 co-op cycle about half-way through now, we look forward to hearing about the rest of Eva’s co-op experience!