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Photo by Adam Glanzman.

College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) students Andrew Goldberg, Music Industry, and Alexis Hamner, Communication Studies, spent their fall on co-op at MTheory in New York, a company that handles marketing for music artist management teams across the country. With the fast-paced nature of the office, the two never had a dull day, tackling projects as they arise, dealing with spreadsheets, creating marketing materials to present to existing and potential clients alike, and more. Both also worked on long-term projects. Alexis drafted plans for single releases, developing a plan for tours and merchandise and how she thinks she can further an artist’s career. Andrew spent his time on Artist and Repertoire (A&R) sheets, which are typically used for talent scouting as well as the artistic development of recording artists and songwriters; Andrew focused on seeking out both new as well as more mature, established artists. They also explain, jokingly, that they pride themselves on their ability to take care of the plants at the New York MTheory office.

Taking what they learned from project heavy classes, both agree that Northeastern has helped prepare them for their time at MTheory; however, their time spent out of the classroom has proven to be just as important as the time spent in classes. Alexis, who has served as the head of events at Northeastern’s Green Line Records, is grateful for the hands-on experience she has gained from her extra-curricular activities at Northeastern. As for what they have learned at MTheory, both agreed that experiencing how a company that is not centralized in one location manages everything was invaluable.

More than just the work, Alexis and Andrew say that what truly made MTheory a special co-op was the people they shared it with, including their supervisor, who contributed immensely to the positive work environment.

“I really like the people that work here— it’s a good company culture,” said Alexis.

We both feel involved, people actually talk to us.

Andrew agreed, adding that he feels like their opinions truly do matter.

MTheory has been an amazing way for these CAMD students to learn first-hand about the music industry. We look forward to staying in touch with both Andrew and Alexis, as well as continuing to partner with MTheory