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ARTS 5100
Visual Ideation
CRN: 18052
Tuesdays 1:35 – 5:05 PM
Professor Mira Cantor

Students learn to use drawing to develop and express conceptual concerns in their creative practice. Projects facilitate experimentation with wide range of materials and processes and allow students to develop innovative and creative modes of expression. Special attention is given to contemporary issues and practice across the arts, design, and the built environment. Students will successfully unify meaning and form in their final creative project.

ARTE 5001
Arts in the Public Sphere 1
CRN: 18044
Wednesdays, 10 AM-12:15 PM
Professor Sarah Kanouse

Explores a multitude of approaches in the study of arts in the public sphere. The course is a seminar that covers critical study and practice of the public arts, broadly conceived. Course activities include visiting artists and curators, regularly scheduled critique, field trips to area art and social justice organizations, and review and development of the students’ ongoing work. Appropriate for seniors and graduate students interested in socially-engaged, interdisciplinary art.
Image: Hiroshi Sunairi, “Tree Project” 2015

ARTE 5901
Composing Media
CRN: 18249
Monday/Thursday 11:45 AM – 1:25 PM
Professor Sarah Kanouse

Students work with audiovisual media to create original, experimental works using contemporary composition and presentation strategies. Course activities include instruction in a range of production modes and platforms and viewing and analyzing exemplary works drawn from a wide range of fields. This interdisciplinary course is appropriate for students with a range of backgrounds and skills, from experienced media producers to artists looking to expand their suite of creative skills.
Image: Brendan Wells, “Remake,” 2010 (student work)