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Communication Studies


Bachelor of Arts, Media and Screen Studies, Mass Communications/Media Studies

Alex Sharp graduated from CAMD in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in film and media studies. During his time at CAMD, he completed two co-ops in reality TV. When he was on co-op at Al Roker Entertainment, he focused on media production. “I didn’t go [right] into the reality TV realm, but I was able to peek behind the curtain and see how it all starts,” he told NGN. He then worked with Rock Shrimp Productions as a development co-op, where he learned more about the process for unscripted TV.

After graduating, Sharp worked as a casting assistant with JS Casting, Inc, which cast for reality TV shows like “Chopped” and “Chopped: Sweets.” He then went on to becoming a casting associate producer. Most recently, he worked on reality TV shows “The Amazing Race” and “Big Brother.”

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