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Curt Meyer

Curt Meyer graduated with a BS in Communication Studies. While at CAMD, he played varsity tennis and took part in co-ops at Bear Sterns and Fechtor Detwiler in their Boston offices.


During his co-ops, he was responsible for cold calling, curating client lists for events, attending weekly sales meetings, and studying for his series 7 license. “I learned how to manage my schedule, listen to clients, and […] present in formal sales environments” as a result of his co-op experiences, Meyer said.

It was also through his co-ops that he connected with Jeff Leerink, a mentor who also became a friend throughout his career. Since graduating, he has worked on Wall Street for several decades. In 2022, he moved to Syntax LLC as Managing Director.


Communication Studies


BS, Communication Studies

"It is because of the Northeastern co-op network that a chance meeting with one person has had such an impact on my life."