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Donovan Holt

Donovan Holt has always had multiple passions, from acting to wrestling. When he came to CAMD, he found that he didn’t have to choose just one interest, but instead could pursue all of them. He joined the Downbeats, one of the on-campus acapella groups, his freshman year, while also pursuing directing and acting with the CAMD Theater department.  

His co-ops at The Huntington Theatre and The Front Porch Arts Collective offered Holt a chance to apply what he learned to their productions, working as a line producer for Dream Boston and as an assistant director and understudy for Ain’t Misbehavin’: The Fat Wallers Musical In 2023, Holt also was awarded the Garnet Award for showing a commitment to leadership, volunteerism, academic integrity and community impact.


Theatre, Interdisciplinary


BA, Theatre and Human Movement Science 

“Northeastern has opened a lot of doors—and windows, and rooftops, and everything else. It gave me a strong introduction to a lot of the aspects of theater, and from there I got to explore a lot of different things I wanted to do, and how I could take advantage of my time here.”