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Eva Ullman

eva ullman
eva ullman

Eva Ullman graduated with a BA in Music Industry. During her time at CAMD, she wrote, recorded, and produced two albums, Youth and Renaissance.

She released her first EP, Youth, in 2020. At the time she released the six-song EP, she also had over 30,000 followers on Tiktok. She continued to gain more followers thanks to her videos covering popular artists like Christina Aguilera. Her second album, Renaissance, came out in 2021. The full-length album follows her journey from high school to college, through heartbreak and her growing self-acceptance.

In 2022, Ullman auditioned on live TV for The Voice with Ariana Grande’s song “Dangerous Woman”; she was selected by Blake Shelton to join his team. After returning from the show, she continued to pursue her passion for music.




BA, Music Industry

I’ve met the most amazing people here. I’ve really developed the confidence to go for these things with music like ‘The Voice.'


Eva Ullman reflects on her first EP, "Youth"

eva ullman

"The Voice" is just the beginning for Eva Ullman