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Fanuel Muindi

Fanuel Muindi is a former neuroscientist turned civic science scholar-journalist and entrepreneur.

He is the Founder and Chief Resident of the Sai Resident Collective (SRC), a non-profit incubator that funds emerging civic science entrepreneurs to launch new ventures that connect science to society. Within the collective, he leads the Civic Science Media Lab which conducts investigative civic science journalism to interrogate and unravel ongoing progress and shed light on important issues across the field. The lab’s insights have been published in journals such as Nature Biotechnology, Trends in Molecular Medicine, SciDev, bioRxiv, Elsevier, and have also resulted in the launch of several platforms including SciReach, Journal of Stories in Science, and the lab’s flagship project, the Civic Science Television Network.

Dr. Muindi has also taught civic science entrepreneurship to graduate students and postdocs from around the world via the Sai Fellows Program which he also founded within the collective in 2018. Dr. Muindi received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and PhD in Organismal Biology from Morehouse College and Stanford University respectively. He completed his postdoctoral training in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. His professional experiences include stints at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and Research!America.

At Northeastern, he is co-leading the development of a new effort called the Public Engagement with Science Hub (PESH).


Research/Publications Highlights

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Communication Studies


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PH.D.,Philosophy, Stanford University
  • B.S., Morehouse College


  • Harvard University Dean’s Distinction Award (Faculty of Arts and Sciences), 2019
  • Stanford University Center for African Studies Leadership and Service Award, 2014