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Geoff Tarulli

Geoff Tarulli is a Boston-based musician, filmmaker and screenwriter. Tarulli teaches a course in narrative filmmaking.

His works have ranged from historical documentary with Monsters of the Atomic Age (a film exploring American nuclear fears of the 1950s and how they impacted horror and science fiction film) to experimental work with Manage: Eyeballing Any Eventualities Coming Up in the Buffer Zone (a satirical look at corporate management culture).

Recently his screenwriting can be seen in the short Night Surf—an official adaptation of the Stephen King short story by the same name and his full length black comedy You Guys Really Looked Like You Were Having Fun Up There, a film currently in production here in Boston.

Tarulli’s most current documentary project is Movies of the Future with Lloyd Kaufman, a documentary about underground film icon and Troma Films Inc founder Lloyd Kaufman, featuring interviews with Independent Film Godfather Roger Corman and Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee, slated for release at the end of this year.


Communication Studies


  • M.F.A., Visual Media Arts, Documentary, Experimental Film, Pedagogy, Emerson College
  • M.A., Visual Media Arts (Documentary)
  • B.A., Writing, Literature and Publishing, Emerson College