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Isabelle Hahn

Isabelle Hahn
Isabelle Hahn

Isabelle Hahn applies the skills she learned in her Journalism program to every role she takes. While at CAMD, she earned her BA in Journalism and worked in co-ops in New York City and Boston. In New York City, she co-oped with Flocabulary, focusing on their social and digital content. She then moved to Hubspot, in Cambridge, where she worked as a social media co-op.  

One of the most influential parts of her education was the reporting dialogue she completed in Greece. “It was such an amazing experience. We were really functioning as a newsroom, taking in the pace of a new place, and producing stories. To this day it’s some of the best reporting experience I’ve ever had.”  

Since graduating, she has gone to work for Toast and Vimeo. She also has worked as a director of short films and music videos, winning the 2022 Cannes Award for Music Videos. Watch the video for “The Stack.” 

She also works as a director of short films and music videos, having recently won at Cannes for best music video for the video “The Stack”. 




BA, Journalism


"The Stack" music video still

"The Stack" - Jack Rabbit

Watch the Cannes Film Festival winner for best short

Journalism co-op at Hubspot

Isabelle's co-op experience at Hubspot