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Susanne Jaeggi


Susanne M. Jaeggi is a Professor with the Center for Cognitive and Brain Health, and the Departments of Psychology, Applied Psychology, and Music. Dr. Jaeggi’s research program focuses on understanding individual differences in executive functions and related cognitive domains, as well as their malleability across the lifespan using experimental and neuroscientific approaches. Because of the relevance of executive functions in educational settings and daily life, her major work has focused on whether and how those cognitive skills can be improved with both, targeted training and broader experiences (e.g. music education, playing videogames). Furthermore, she is particularly interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms of learning and cognitive training, and determining for what individuals and populations cognitive training is most effective and why.




  • PhDs, Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, the University of Bern in Switzerland
  • ‘Habilitation’ Degree in Psychology, the University of Bern in Switzerland
  • Postdoctoral work in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Michigan