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Viviane Kyulee Kim

Ever since her departure from her homeland, South Korea, Viviane Kyulee Kim’s life has been an artistic and cultural journey through the U.S., U.K., China, and Switzerland. She received her BFA in Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University. Since her Bachelor’s studies, Kim has always been interested in how to efficiently communicate with audiences and how to build influential concepts for her visual works. Hence, she decided to walk on a path as a designer.

Later, Kim attended the MFA in Graphic Design program in Basel, a small city in Switzerland, yet a traditional hub of art, design, and modern typography. After graduation, she moved back to Seoul, where she worked at a brand consulting firm, where she realized many brands seek to develop social, environmental, and economic sustainability. As a result, Kim joined the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s doctoral program in search of designers’ roles to ignite social innovation in a for-profit business. 


Research/Publications Highlights

  • “How to Minimize ESG Risks?” Proceedings of IASDR 2021, Hong Kong.
  • “An Exploration on the Roles of Design to Create Shared Value as an Integrative Social and Business Innovation Process.” Ph.D. Thesis, 2021.
  • “Social Media and E-Portfolios: Impacting Design Students’ Motivation Through Project-Based Learning.”
    A journal paper, IAFOR, September 2020. (First author: Oh, J.).
  • “A theoretical exploration to achieve Porter and Kramer’s shared value creation in the perspectives of design.”
    Proceedings of IASDR 2019, Manchester.
  • “Developing a Matrix for ‘Designerly Way of Creating Shared Value’ (DCSV): Four examples of CSV via perspectives of design.” A research paper, 2019, ebook publication, Intellect Books & Journals.
  • “A Case Study to Explore Applicability of Creating Shared Value (CSV) into Design Practice.” The Best Paper Award. A conference paper, DRS, June 2018.


Art + Design


  • Ph.D. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • MFA Basel School of Design (HGK, FHNW)
  • BFA Carnegie Mellon University


  • The Outstanding Teaching Award, Hongik University, 2022; The Best Paper Award. A conference paper, DRS, June 2018.