Summer Programs & NUterm

Summer courses and other experiences at CAMD provide opportunities for you to explore additional areas of study and maximize your co-op flexibility without extending your time until graduation. Add research or global study to your academic resumé while exploring intriguing new subjects—and exciting new places. Your academic advisor can help determine which summer option best fits your degree requirements and academic goals.

Dialogue of Civilizations

Expand your perspective, broaden your horizons, enhance your academics, and change the way you see the world—all while spending your summer abroad. By taking a Dialogue, which consists of two courses, you can also complete up to half of a minor.

Explore Northeastern’s Dialogue of Civilizations program

Summer internship

Spend the summer building critical work experience and skills while strengthening your resume and gaining a competitive edge for co-op placement. Internships typically require 10–20 hours per week, so they may be coupled with one NUterm course.

NUterm classes

 Stay in Boston for part of your Summer 1 for NUterm and make progress toward your major and other requirements. Gain flexibility in your degree program to pursue another co-op, earn your degree sooner, and dive more deeply into your field of study.

Summer classes

No matter where you are in your studies or in the world, there are summer course offerings available to you. Attend classes on campus or online to keep your mind sharp, progress towards your degree, and discover new interests. Summer courses at CAMD are open to students across all Northeastern schools.

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