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Honors Project

The Honors project may involve a research study, design, music composition, play, media production, or any focused work in a subject addressed within CAMD. The project, recorded on the student’s transcript as xxxx 4970–Junior/Senior Honors Project 1 (4 SH), will be supervised by a CAMD faculty member. A proposal must be approved by the supervising faculty member and department chair before the project begins.The Honors project must be beyond what any student needs to complete to satisfy the requirements for any other class that she or he takes in the college. In other words, a paper written for one class cannot be used again to satisfy the project requirement. At the conclusion of the project, students who wish to graduate with an Honors in the Discipline credential will present their work to the Dean, the supervising instructor, other students who have completed their College Honors projects during that term, and anyone else who wishes to attend this publicized college event. The presentation event is held on Reading Day in the Fall and Spring semesters. A student who successfully completes the Honors in the Discipline program will earn the Honors in [Major] credential on his or her official transcript. (For example, Honors in Music.)


Tim Blank
Assistant Dean of Student Experience
E: [email protected]

Proposal & Application Process

'Realities Unseen,' presented by Olivianne Iriarte

Olivianne explores the concept of change and how it was brought to the forefront of our lives during the 2020 pandemic. With our world completely coming to a halt, our everyday routines were stripped down to the basics, unveiling what we are truly capable of as human beings. We were left to rely merely on the abilities of the human essence. So the question at hand is: who have we become as the result of change? The words that come to mind, which are shared by people all over the world, are patience, resilience, transformation, unpredictability and reinvention. Through graphic design and other mediums, Olivianne showcases a visual exploration pf patience, resilience, transformation, unpredictability and reinvention, tying it together to display core aspects of our shared realities and our unseen realities.

'Student Civil Action,' presented by Shannon Reilly

Shannon researched Boston Public School students taking Civic Action around different social issues. Guided by the problem statement: “How might we help BPS students feel empowered to have an impact on social issues they are passionate about?” and inspired by the overwhelming amount of social media use around social issues, Shannon envisioned a platform that would be similar to a social media site but filtered around civic action. The platform aims to bring together students working on civic projects in order to make a larger impact.

'What Happens to the Equal Rights Amendment Now?,' presented by Kaitlyn Budion

There are 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Several others have been proposed, but never made it in. And only one of those proposed amendments reached the final state for ratification in 2020: the Equals Rights Amendment, or the ERA. There has been recent news coverage of the ERA, but nothing has explored its history and impact in-depth. So, Kaitlyn created a website with multiple stories looking into the history of the ERA, the support for it now, its legal challenges and implications, and the racist consequences of the women’s rights movement’s continued prioritization of its passage.

'Space Bound,' presented by Yuhong Su

Space Bound aims to creatively gain more access of aerospace studying for future generations especially college students who are enthusiasts. The aerospace industry has been associated with the scientists and wealthy for a long time; nonetheless, the right to explore space should be equivalently important for the youth who love the universe with great passion. Thus, Space Bound is a campaign that aims to change the traditional dynamics in aerospace industry by offering opportunity of aerospace education to college students through collaboration. By introducing the nature, intention, and feasible solutions of Space Bound and updating the progress on continuously, the campaign would gradually foster a unique educational community that is beneficial for both of students and aeronautical institutions.

'Lifestyle by Leah,' presented by Megan Barrett

Megan’s project focuses on how to build, promote, and expand a brand within the student athlete community. Combining lessons from entrepreneurship and design classes with real coop experiences, Megan is able to develop a brand people can recognize. Built with Muscle offers everything a brand needs; from a brand guideline book, to a promotional video, website and social media presence.