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Center for Design Spaces

Rules for reserving space at the Center for Design

Please read through the rules fully before booking space.
  • Only CAMD Faculty & Staff are able to reserve space at the Center for Design, students are not able to reserve space at this time.
  • Acceptable reasons for use:
- Working/meeting with a CfD faculty member or on a CfD-related project
- Class critiques and reviews with external guests
- A final exam/review in the form of a public exhibition
- Workshops or studio activities that require multiple groups working in separate areas that is not otherwise possible in registrar-granted classroom space (moveable whiteboards and pin-up boards double as space partitioners)
  • CfD faculty/staff may reserve on behalf of CfD student Research Assistants.
  • Cancel as soon as possible if you know you will no longer need the space. Space is in high demand on campus, please be respectful of this.
  • When reserving CfD Space, please include in the reservation notes:
    • 1. what the reservation is for
    • 2. number of people who will be in attendance
    • 3. If your reservation is for a class critique, please include the name(s) of outside guest(s) that will be joining.
 Failure to include all relevant information will result in a rejected booking.
  • Recurring appointments are not permitted for non-CfD faculty.

Rules for using space at the Center for Design

  • Space cleaning: leave the tables clean, throw away garbage. If your work leaves the table dirty, please use the sanitary wipes provided by CAMD to clean it.
    • If your reservation is for a larger event and/or there is food involved, please submit a work request to clean the space immediately following use.
  • Space arrangement: the space is very flexible and reconfigurable to suit all needs, so please, feel free to use it in a way that suits your needs, BUT, we would appreciate that you leave it exactly as you found it.
  • Noise Control: Please be mindful of your noise level. This is a coworking space and research office, so there is often multiple people working in the space.

Reserve CfD Space on Robin

*Please note Robin room reservations require integration with an NU outlook calendar, learn how to do this here. This is not a Center for Design requirement. 

Reserve Center for Design Space on Robin

How to use Robin

See the IT knowledge base forum for Robin FAQs.