245 Holmes

Elise Dallimore

Associate Professor

Dr. Dallimore’s research focuses on the role of communication in the process of organizational learning including methods for enhancing organizational development activities. Some of her current research projects include research which explores the role of discursive formations in the organizational and occupational socialization of organizational newcomers.This research examines the impact of organizational discourse on employee individualization and assimilation. Some of her research also examines organizational factors impacting employee decision making. This research includes a focus on organizational structures which both enable and constrain employees in decision making and explores the impact of these structures on organizational identification and job satisfaction among employees. Some of her research explores pedagogical strategies for enhancing teaching and organizational training efforts. This research generates methods for increasing the likelihood that instructional outcomes will be achieved and that effective organizational change will be accomplished.

Dr. Dallimore is on leave Fall 2015, and will return Spring 2016.

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