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Maria Elena Villar HeadshotWelcome to the Department of Communication Studies.

In our global and interconnected world, communication and media are more important than ever.  How we communicate interpersonally, digitally and through mass media is central to almost any human endeavor.  Technology continues to evolve and change how we communicate and get things done at all levels of society.

The Department of Communication Studies at CAMD helps students develop the knowledge, skills and critical thinking approaches required to practice, research and make an impact in the important fields of strategic communication, organizational communication, media strategy and production, public and political communication, health and science communication, and many other fields that rely on communication.

Through our courses, co-op opportunities, global programs and extracurricular activities, we challenge students to be engaged citizens and agents of change as they become experts in their selected major(s).

We offer our students:

  • A flexible curriculum that enable students to choose areas of emphasis
  • Renown faculty who are passionate subject-matter experts delivering research- and practice-informed teaching to small classes
  • A personalized learning environment through small classes – many with fewer than 20 students
  • Hands-on media production courses that teach the technology required to be successful in today’s digital world
  • Real-world co-op experiences that take students out of the classroom and into the workforce, locally, nationally and globally
  • Connection with student cultural centers, student clubs and leadership opportunities

We also welcome many non-Communication Studies majors from CAMD and other Northeastern colleges in combined majorsinnovative minors, and online classes during the summer.

I look forward to meeting our students and supporting you in your path through your Northeastern experience.

Maria Elena Villar
Department Chair, Department of Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Stud­ies
Media and Screen Studies Program
College of Arts, Media and Design