Summer & Online Programs

Whether you’re a Communication Studies major looking to get a step ahead on your path to graduation or a major in another department looking to diversify your academic resume with a minor in communication, summer and online programs are a great place to start.

With many popular offerings available online, students can tailor their summer experience to meet their interests, needs, and goals—and even complete a full minor in Human Communication over the course of a single summer, from anywhere in the world.

Your academic advisor can help determine which summer option best fits your degree requirements and academic goals.


Summer Programs

We offer a range of academic and experiential learning opportunities during Summer 2018:

View the Course Catalog to learn more about summer courses in Communication Studies.


Online Classes

  • CINE 2326 – American Film and Culture
  • COMM 1131 – Sex, Relationships, and Communication
  • COMM 1231 – Principles of Organizational Communication
  • COMM 2131 – Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2301 – Communication Research Methods
  • COMM 2303 – Global and Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 2304 – Communication and Gender
  • COMM 2535 – Family Communication
  • COMM 3230 – Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 3530 – Communication & Sexualities
  • COMM 3750 – Special Effects & Post Production for TV
  • MSCR 1100 – Film 101
  • MSCR 1150 – TV 101

View the Course Catalog to learn more about online courses in Communication Studies.