Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



The College of Arts, Media and Design believes that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are critical components in pushing the boundaries of creativity, communication, and innovation.

DEI expands our definition of research, scholarship, and creative practice. DEI empowers individuals to think beyond themselves. It creates environments where people feel heard, seen, and most importantly, feel welcome. It provides a sense of belonging and a sense of community. It encourages individuals to be agents of change.  As makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, we have the collective responsibility to uphold and prioritize these pillars through our individual work and collaborative partnerships.

The College of Arts, Media, and Design is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all aspects of the college. If you have questions and/or ideas on how to improve DEI efforts at CAMD, please reach out directly. Together, we can focus on the present for a better tomorrow.



Diversity Fellowships

College of Arts, Media and Design Diversity Fellowships are an important component of the college’s commitment to achieving a more diverse graduate student body. Fellowships are awarded to a limited number of CAMD graduate students each year; applicants identifying with underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds are invited to indicate their interest to be considered for a Diversity Fellowship by submitting a one-page statement with their application materials.

Contact information: Catherine Bright, Associate Director, Graduate Operations

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Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Courses related to Social Justice, Cultural Competence + Identities

Our departments have added specific courses to their academic programs to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded into their curriculum. Here is a list of current DEI courses in each department.


ARCH 2310 History of Chinese Architecture

ARCH 2315 East Asian Architecture: History from a Global Perspective

ARCH 2330 Modern Chinese Architecture



Architecture for Public Benefit


Freedom by Design



GAME 2755 Games and Social Justice

ARTG 3450 Topics in Design: Graphic Design for Social Change


Anti-Racist Art + Design Library



Design for Emergency

Remembrance of Climate Futures



COMM 1331 Legal Argumentation, Advocacy, and Citizenship

COMM 1412 Social Movement Communication

COMM 2303 Global and Intercultural Communication

COMM 2304 Communication and Gender


Women in Network Science


JRNL 2250 The Story of Journalism and Democracy

JRNL 2285 America and the Holocaust

JRNL 3300 Covering Conflicts: Peace, War, and the Media

JRNL 5250 Gender in the Newsroom



The Scope

MUSC 1112 Jazz

MUSC 1131 Music of Latin American and the Caribbean

MUSC 2101 Black Popular Music

MUSC 2130 Music of Asia

MUSC 2313 Topics in World Music

MUSC 2340 Divas, DJS, and Double Standars

MUSC 3353 Music and the Racial Imagination

MUSC 3351 Music and Social Justice

MUSC 6540 Music Industry Ethics in Practice

THTR 2983 Topics in Theatre History & Culture

THTR 2340 Theatre and Society

THTR 2500 Groundbreaking Women in Theatre

THTR 2200 The American Black Theatre Experience

THTR 3100 Creative Storytelling for Social Engagement

THTR 5200 Queer Theatre & Performance

THTR 1400 Documentary Theatre


Department of Theatre Social and Racial Justice Resources


For Faculty and Staff