One of CAMD’s core values is that growth and learning shouldn’t be confined to the classroom. Our interactive, forward-thinking events facilitate collaboration between students of diverse backgrounds and skill sets as they engage around shared passions and explore tangible solutions to real-world issues.

What we do

CAMD events, hackathons, and conferences are collaborative environments focused around a unifying theme. Typically open to the public as well as the broader student community in Boston, the initiatives bring talented people and important organizations to campus—exposing CAMD students to valuable skills and tools beyond their coursework while providing a space for creative collaboration and ideation.

A look inside an event

Community voices, subject matter experts, and industry thought leaders conduct a series of lightning talks, designed to provide background on and encourage engagement with the issue at hand. Attendees then form interdisciplinary teams to pool their collective skill sets and consider new approaches to devising solutions, from crunching data to sourcing stories.

The events culminate in a series of five-minute presentations of findings where teams showcase their understanding of the problem, present solutions, and propose concepts—visualizations, interactive apps, microsites, or offline installation ideas.

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Get involved

Want to help us organize upcoming events, hackathons, and conferences—or have an idea of one you’d like to see in the future? We’d love to hear from you.



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