• Communication Studies

Alan Zaremba

Associate Professor

Dr. Zaremba has received four awards for “Excellence in Teaching.” He has twice been recognized with Northeastern University’s award and before coming to Northeastern was a recipient of the State University of New York’s Chancellor’s Award for ‘Excellence in Teaching’. In 2001 he was one of two University of Albany alums to be honored with an ‘Excellence in Education’ award. Dr. Zaremba’s book on sports fan subculture, The Madness of March: Bonding and Betting with the Boys in Las Vegas was published by the University of Nebraska Press in March 2009.

He has written two other books that were recently released. Crisis Communication: Theory and Practice (ME Sharpe) describes how organizations should prepare for and communicate during times of crisis. The third edition of Organizational Communication has also been published (Oxford University Press). Current research interests involve sports fan subculture, critical analysis of theories supporting strategic ambiguity, and communications related to the May 1970 Kent State tragedy.

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Research Interests

  • Communications related to the May 1970 Kent State tragedy
  • Critical analysis of theories supporting strategic ambiguity
  • Sports fan subculture