• Theatre

Anna Drummond

Guest Artist

Sound Designer for THORNBROOKE

ANNA DRUMMOND (they/she) is a Boston-based sound designer specializing in live theatre, SFX curation, podcasting, and audiobooks. Anna holds a BA with Honors in Sound Design/Audio Post-Production from Emerson College. They have worked within the New England area for both professional theatre companies and educational institutions, including SpeakEasy (BLKS, Pass Over), Company One (Leftovers, Black Super Hero Magic Mama), Huntington Theatre Company (Dream Boston: 3 Miles), Trinity Repertory & Brown University (Eurydice, Prowess), Harvard University (Married or Made), Berklee College of Music (Everybody, Machinal), Northeastern University (Deferred, This Is Treatment), & Emerson College (In The Red & Brown Water, Alchemy of Desire/Dead Man’s Blues, We Are PussyRiot, Into The Woods, The Hobbit, etc.) Upcoming collaborations include Trinity Repertory, Brown University, Zachor, and Huntington Theatre Company. Much love to Dyl, Eleanor, Bridgette, Ally, & Courtney for everything, always.  Find Anna online for consultations at anna-drummond.com or @annatdrummond on social media platforms.”