• Art + Design

Julia Hechtman

Associate Teaching Professor, Deputy Chair

Julia Hechtman is a visual artist who makes works dealing with issues of agency and control, absence and presence and real-time experience in her multi-faceted studio practice. The natural world features prominently in her works, which has allowed her to travel extensively, and to contemplate the familiar in new ways. Her favorite place to go is Iceland. Last year she was a Fulbright Scholar in Reykjavik at Lístaháskolí Íslands, where she was working as a visiting professor while also conducting her own research into the roles of landscape and memory in identity production. She has led a study abroad program to Iceland for the past 5 years, as well. Hechtman received her MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago, in Photography, Film and Video and her BFA from Syracuse University, in Art Photography.


  • MFA, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • BFA, Syracuse University

Research Interests

  • Experimental approaches to video and photography
  • Landscape
  • Personal Narrative