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Pierre-Valery Tchetgen

Faculty Fellow

Dr. Pierre-Valery Tchetgen is currently an educational researcher in the Principal Leadership Institute at Cal-Berkeley. As Founder and Ambassador of the Music is Healing Collective, he has used music as a vehicle for social change to break down barriers of bias and motivate youth toward social justice in order to improve the livability and vibrancy of communities nationwide and bring people from diverse paths together. Tchetgen has used his experiences to help diverse youth populations to improve their self-identity (e.g. SMASH: Prep for African American Males, Space2Cr8, and the Digital Youth Network).

He has designed and implemented a series of workshops and resources to increase oral language skills using African drumming to mediate storytelling. Tchetgen has also archived a repository of video interviews and performances with African drumming masters from drum circles in Togo, Cameroon, and Ghana.

Tchetgen’s haptic technology work and research will connect with initiatives throughout the Department of Music, CAMD, and Northeastern in areas such as digital instrument creation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, music information retrieval, and the psychology of music performance, perception, and participation.

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