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OhHeckYeah @ Northeastern

May 05, 2015, 6pm
May 06, 2015, 9pm
Krentzman Quad
Get your game on!

Time to relax and celebrate with some big-screen video game fun!

Northeastern’s Public Art Initiative has partnered with OhHeckYeah, Denver’s immersive street arcade, to transform Krentzman Quad into a larger-than-life street arcade, featuring custom video games, music, and some good old-fashioned arcade-style fun.

OhHeckYeah @ Northeastern features three simple games played on oversized LED screens:

  • Test drive “Graduation Day,” the brand new game developed just for this event by students in Northeastern’s game design department in collaboration with OhHeckYeah.
  • Catch the good stuff and dodge the bad playing “Catchy.”
  • Avoid robot lasers playing “TinkerBot.”

No devices or controllers. The games respond to your body in motion. And no experience needed. Anyone of any age can play. So come jump in, cheer your friends on, and find out how video games can connect us all.

Graduation Day

Be designated the valedictorian at the graduation ceremony by being the first to run and grab the diploma at the podium. Players move forward-and-backward to gain speed while they move down the aisle formed by the graduating class.


Catch the good stuff and avoid the bad stuff. To win, be the one with the most points at the end of the time period. You’ll control the game’s characters by moving their bodies side-to-side.


This one takes teamwork. Work with another player to align the machine parts along the dotted line while avoiding the robot’s lasers. Be sure to align all the parts before the battery indicator is fully green or you risk breaking the machine. You control the machine rods by moving forward and backward.


This event is sponsored by the university’s Public Art Initiative, in collaboration with Northeastern’s College of Arts, Media and Design, Northeastern’s Center for the Arts, and OhHeckYeah. The mission of the Public Art Initiative is to showcase Northeastern’s unique artistic perspective: innovative, dynamic, interactive, and entrepreneurial.


Center for the Arts

OhHeckYeah @ Northeastern and the Northeastern Center for the Arts provided a unique academic and creative opportunity for the game design students in the College of Arts, Media and Design. Throughout the semester, student from Professor Gillian Smith’s Game Programming class worked with artist in residence Justin Gitlin, OhHeckYeah’s programmer and cofounder of the social network Ello, to develop a unique game to unveil at the Commencement week event. Other student-developed games will also be available to play.
OH Heck YeahOhHeckYeah is Denver’s Immersive Street Arcade, launched in summer 2014 in the downtown Denver Theatre District. OhHeckYeah is a public benefit corporation that uses the power of play to strengthen the social, physical and economic fabric of place. We believe the City that plays together, stays together.