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OhHeckYeah’s Brian Corrigan and Justin Gitlin

Jan 23, 2015 – Jan 30, 2015

OHY_640x480OhHeckYeah transforms public spaces into interactive street arcades that use the power of play to connect people on the street. Studies continually show that play of any kind makes us more creative, curious and happy. It even contributes to helping build trust between strangers. Play is a powerful way to make real life connections; a need that is more fundamental and basic than food or shelter. Their mission is to integrate play into the built environment to create communities that are more connected, vibrant and fun.

During this residency, Justin and Brian will work with Northeastern Students in Game Design and Art + Design. They will participate in the 2015 Global Game and work with students in Gillian Smith’s Game Programming class. Together with Center for the Arts Director, Bree Edwards, Brian and Justin will visit Gloria Sutton’s Contemporary Culture class to discuss public art and creative place-making.

Partners: Game Design, Northeastern Center for the Arts, Northeastern University Public Art Initiative