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Connor Gerrits- Producer/Developer (NEU),
Samuel Vogel- Developer (NEU),
Jonathan Paetzold- Developer (NEU),
Kevin Cannon- 3D Animation/Modeling (NEU),
Glenna Greer- 2D Art (NEU),
Isaac Schutz- Sound Design (NEU),
Rabbit Gee – Visual Design (Mass Art)

Class: GAME 4701 – Game Design Capstone 2

Instructor: Kellian A. Pletcher Adams

Lights Out!

Control a squad of soldiers exploring a dark and spooky area. Use flashlights and flares to spot the monsters, and the  trusty soldiers to take them out! Overcast is a Turn Based Tactics game  where light is your biggest ally! Control a small squad of units as they explore dimly lit abandoned cities. Fight against monsters ac customed to the  dark, and  use whatever tools they have to triumph!