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Software Tools to Support Climate Change Reporting: Addressing Gaps and Needs among Journalists

"raw data snapshot" by Paul L Dineen is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Abstract by Zhaozhou Dai:

Melting glaciers and rising sea levels, birds’ changing migratory patterns, and increasing temperatures have made it obvious that climate change is affecting all aspects of people’s lives.

This research project seeks to design software tools for journalists covering climate change in order to address gaps and needs. The study involves interviews with professional U.S. and international climate journalists about the issues they face and what kinds of tools might support their work. Motivated by the challenges that journalists express about gathering critical information and climate-related data from government agencies, this project creates a web-based application using the R programming language and building from the R Shiny software library.

The project involves the building of an interactive prototype to support high-quality, accurate climate reporting.

2023 RISE Poster by Zhaozhou Dai

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Zhaozhou Dai