New Technologies Labs

The New Technologies Labs are integral to work centered around new methods of engagement with socio-technical systems and human-computer interaction, driven by cognitive, visual, auditory, somatosensory, kinesthetic, and data-integrative research. Along with our Makerspace, these labs serve as a hub for innovation and collaboration with other colleges at Northeastern.

Our New Technologies Labs include:

• An Immersive Media Labs Suite including technologies for design, development, and exploration of virtual worlds, AR/VR/XR, and 360 video. The suite includes advanced computing resources, individual workstations, and a collaboration and teaching area.

• An Experiential Technologies Lab and User Testing Environment with a one-way mirror, camera setups, and high-end computing. The lab is used in software and interface development, game testing, and integration of biometrics tools including eye-tracking and wearable sensors.

• A Physical Computing Lab including IDEs, microcontrollers, and circuit prototyping tools and components, incorporating a wide array of input and output devices. The lab also includes basic tools for fabrication and testing, and soldering workstations for perfboard and PCB work.

Applications include designing, developing, and integrating new forms of software, user interfaces, immersive and interactive tools and experiences, and integration of perceptual, social, biometric, and environmental data.

Current Work
Current work includes development of immersive tools and experiences related to data visualization, storytelling, media advocacy, and healthcare delivery, immersive games to study and build problem-solving and collaboration skills, integration of biometric and environmental data including eye-tracking and wearable sensors, exploration and integration of digital drawing, painting, and sculpting tools, and development of graphic, interactive, auditory, and tangible interfaces.