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Music Theory

Complete the following course (4 credits):

MUSC 1001 Music in Everyday Life (Music in Everyday Life)

Complete one of the following courses (4 credits):

Music Theory 1  
Music Theory 2  
Fundamentals of Western Music Theory  
Analyzing Popular Genres

Music Literature Electives

Complete two courses from the following list of electives (4 credits). Four semesters of lessons or ensembles or a combination thereof may be substituted for one elective:

Music as a Social Expression  
Survey of African-American Music  
Music of the USA  
Women in Music  
Music and Poetry  
Introduction to Art, Drama, and Music  
Music in Popular Culture  
Rock Music  
Film Music  
Debussy and the Music of Paris  
George Gershwin  
Music Therapy 1  
Music of the Baroque Era  
Music of the Classical Era  
Music of the Romantic Era  
Twentieth-Century Music  
Introduction to World Music  
Music of Africa  
Music of the Middle East  
Music of Latin America and the Caribbean  
Music of the Jewish People  
Black Popular Music  
Music of Asia  
Historical Traditions: America  
Historical Traditions: Classical  
Historical Traditions: World  
Historical Traditions: Special Topics  
Historical Traditions: Music since 1900


All ensembles are (1 credit):

Wind Ensemble  
Jazz Ensemble  
Rock Ensemble  
Blues/Rock Ensemble  
Create Your Own Music  
Chamber Ensemble  
Contemporary Music Ensemble  
Jazz Choir and Combo  
World Music Ensemble  
Fusion Ensemble  
Pep Band  
World Fusion Ensemble


All lessons are (1 credit):

Music Lessons 1  
Music Lessons 2  
Composition Lessons

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor

Program Coordinator
Hilary Poriss