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Collaborative, cross-disciplinary, connected to the world


The Department of Music at CAMD inspires creative growth through intellectual discovery and innovation, transdisciplinary education and collaboration, and academic and experiential learning programs that prepare students for the music profession—and the world—that they will encounter after graduation.

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Music at CAMD offers a cross-disciplinary approach to the study and practice of music, underscored by experiential learning, cutting­-edge technology and a wide-angle focus on every aspect of music’s cultural meaning and social impact across the globe.

Hilary Poriss

Professor and Chair, Department of Music

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We offer a flexible, student-focused array of curricular options, including the BA in Music, the BS in Music Industry and the BS in Music Technology, along with varied options for combined majors in game design, physics, computer science, engineering and other disciplines.

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Course Spotlight

MUSC 2320: 40,000 Years of Music Technology

This course surveys the relationship between music and technology from the Paleolithic Age to the present day. In this class, students examine the origins and impact of diverse musical instruments with attention to connections between musical and technological developments and the enduring need for music.


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