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Bachelor of Arts

Music, BA

The BA in Music at Northeastern engages students in the study of how music works and the many contexts in which it is created and received. Students encounter a wide range of musical repertories, theoretical approaches, and research strategies.

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Bachelor of Science

Music Industry

Gain a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of many disciplines within the music industry, from artist management to arts administration and technology.

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Bachelor of Science

Music Technology

Explore the seismic world of music technology with industry professionals in a highly interdisciplinary way. Here, you can learn to apply digital sound technologies to all your creative pursuits, from film to game design.

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Music Practice and Performance

Use your time at CAMD to become well-rounded in the practice and performance of music. Hone your voice or your skills with an instrument and develop good creative habits that can last a lifetime.

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Historical and Ethnographic Research on Music

Learn to see music in the context of the human experience. Through a study of different cultures, genres, and histories, you can see the impact of music on nearly all aspects of society, from social justice to economics.

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Combined Majors

Explore the opportunities available with a variety of combined Music majors

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Electrical Engineering and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS

This intercollege combined major is designed for students who would like to explore their interest in music technology while earning the benefit of a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.

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Music and Communication Studies with Concentration in Music Industry, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Music with Concentration in Music Industry, the first such undergraduate program offered in Boston, is designed for students with an interest in fields such as artist management; the music products industry; the recording industry; arts administration; contracting and legal issues; and more.

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Music Technology + Game Design, BS

Students focus on the digital sound technologies, audiovisual integration techniques and collaborative skills, grounded in real-world experience, that are necessary to apply one’s musical imagination effectively in a game design environment.

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BS in Computer Science and Music, with Concentration in Music Technology

This combined major encourages students to explore connections between Music and Computer Science. Possibilities include the composition of new musical works based on generative algorithms, the development of digital signal processing software for the manipulation of sound, and the development of software analysis tools.

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BS in Physics and Music, with Concentration in Music Technology

This combined major provides a foundation in physics, including electromagnetism, dynamics, building blocks of matter, energy, and radiation. Along with composition in acoustic, electronic, interactive live and digital instruments. Here, students will learn how physical principles influence sound production and propagation.

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