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Hilary Poriss, Northeastern professor and chair of music. Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University

Welcome to the Department of Music at Northeastern University, where we offer a unique, cross-disciplinary approach, both broad and deep—to the study and practice of music, underscored by real-world experiential learning, cutting­-edge technology and a wide-angle focus on every aspect of music’s cultural meaning and social impact in societies throughout the globe.

We seek students who are multi-talented, creative, entrepreneurial and committed to finding innovative ways to make a positive difference in the world through a life in music. If you are one of those students, we invite you to apply as a music major, combined major or music minor.

Those admitted to our program at Northeastern will find a flexible, student-focused, innovative array of curricular options in music, including a new and innovative B.A. in Music, with multiple advising paths in music history, theory, ethnomusicology, and performance; a B.S. in Music Technology, with varied options for combined majors in game design, physics, computer science, engineering and other disciplines; a nationally renowned B.S. in Music Industry, with expert faculty in every facet of the music business, along with extensive, industry-wide co-op opportunities, ten undergraduate minors in various music disciplines, and many opportunities for instrumental and vocal performance studies and ensemble participation.

Please feel free to explore and learn more about these opportunities through the links on this site, and to be in touch with any questions you may have about our program. We look forward to hearing more about your own aspirations for a future in music.

Hilary Poriss

Chair, Department of Music
College of Arts, Media and Design
Northeastern University
[email protected]