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#CAMDtakeover: Cannes Film Festival

To get a more in-depth perspective on what student life is like here at Northeastern, we decided to facilitate a CAMD Instagram takeover for one week with CAMD students. Take as many photos of what matters to you, whether that be a project, schoolwork, or just a sunset. If you’d like to takeover the CAMD Instagram, let us know by submitting your Instagram account to our email!

Andrew Hague at Cannes Film Festival

Andrew and Nas, are both Digital Art majors at Northeastern University, and they had the opportunity to go to the famous Cannes Film Festival with their award-winning Campus MovieFest short film Pablo Square. We asked them a few questions to get a better idea of what Cannes was like, and how they did their #CAMDtakeover.

1. Besides this, what was your favorite experience at Northeastern?

Just being able to take an array of different classes that have all really helped me. Classes like Acting, Graphic Design, Video Art, Contemporary Art Theory, finding a way to explore different mediums have all left a tremendous influence on my understanding of not only film but many other forms of art.

2. What drew you to film and production?

Probably the moment I saw Lord of the Rings in theatres as a kid. I loved the Disney and Spielberg classes growing up but I think that point in my life I realized it’s possible to create new worlds and spaces in cinema. I loved writing growing up. I think recently I’ve started to understand more clearly why I like cinema and it’s because it entails many different outlet of expression: story, image, sound, performance. I love photography, music, books, etc., and films encapsulate all of them.

3. What inspired your photos from Cannes?

To be honest I really just approached taking pictures in Cannes like I would anywhere else. If a moment or a particular view/composition strikes out to my eye I tend to just take a quick snap on my iPhone. Smart phones these days have pretty nice cameras and I like to touch them up a bit in a simple editing app and they come out pretty nicely. I think I was attracted to the trees and sea, as well as the architectural surfaces of all the different buildings in Cannes. It’s not a very modern city per say, so there’s a certain allure to the broken down walls and windows that shape up the city.

Andrew and Nas’ Photos and Videos

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