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Following the success of the last two years’ SoA portfolio prize competition, we are running this competition again-The SoA Portfolio Prize will recognize cumulative design work throughout studies in the SoA.
All eligible students may submit their portfolios for consideration.
Students who are eligible to submit include: All undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a program in the SoA and have completed at least 3 semesters of study in their degree program.
The Portfolio‘s will be reviewed by a jury of SoA design faculty and visiting designers. All judges will be announced in the near future.
There will be one Award and perhaps one or more Honorable Mentions at the discretion of the jury.
The deadline for submission is: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 by 5 pm
Email portfolios or send web-link to Mary Hughes
The prize recipient and Honorable Mentions will be announced during the week of April 27-May 01.
Portfolio submission Requirements:
1- PDF
2- While we are not imposing a file size limit, please be aware that especially ‘heavy’ files (over 25MB’s) become cumbersome and difficult to work with for jurors and can negatively impact the impression of your work.
3- Portfolio may include: All creative work including- studio design work, work from other classes, work that is in process, work from co-op or other professional experiences, work from previous undergraduate studies, work that you have undertaken independent from school studies or jobs.
4- Design work that was developed in a team or part of a professional context, which is not exclusively the work of the submitter, must be appropriately credited to all parties.

5- Anonymous-leave your name off the portfolio, and exclude your name from the file name. Mary Hughes will adjust all of the files names of received portfolio‘s to conceal but track submitter identities.