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Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

CAMD is pleased to announce that undergraduate student Aneri Pattani, School of Journalism, has been named a winner of Northeastern University’s prestigious Harold D. Hodgkinson Achievement Award, one of the university’s highest honors for graduating seniors. The recipients are chosen based on distinguished scholastic achievement with due consideration to character, personality, qualities of leadership, cooperative work experience and service in voluntary organizations and activities. The Hodgkinson Award is a university-wide award and no more than three awards are made each year.

“Aneri does not only honor the School of Journalism and CAMD with her brilliance and accomplishments. She honors the full university community,” said Carlene Hempel, Assistant Teaching Professor in the School of Journalism. “When someday she stands at a podium to receive a Polk, or maybe a Pulitzer – a reality of which we are as certain as when we gave her that freshman award for ‘great potential in journalism’ – it will be Northeastern University the Institution that absorbs a beam or two of the radiance emanating from her.”

It has been an exciting spring for Aneri, who was also recently chosen as the winner of one of the most coveted student contests in the country — The New York Times’ Win a Trip Contest with Nicholas Kristof. Aneri will blog for Nicholas on The New York Times website about their trips, interesting people they meet, and issues they explore, and may participate in videos, as well. When she returns from the trip abroad, she will be interning for the health and science desk at The New York Times. Before she heads to New York, however, she will be attending the Chips Quinn Scholars training camp, a program sponsored by the Newseum to train young journalists of color in multimedia tools.

All of these accomplishments that earned Aneri the Hodgkinson Award truly speak for themselves, and we congratulate her on an impressive, successful, and fulfilling college career.

“I would like to extend a ‘thank you’ to all the people who made my time at Northeastern so rewarding – family, friends, professors, mentors, employers,” said Aneri. “It feels great to be receiving these awards as I wrap up my time at Northeastern, but they are just as much a recognition of everyone who has supported, encouraged and pushed me along the way, as they are of me.”