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Ello Riege, a graduate student in the Master of Science (MS) in Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship program, has always had a passion for creating visual arts, exploring graphic design, and visiting museums. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she came to the United States to complete her undergraduate degree in Marketing and Advertising from Suffolk University, followed by landing a job at Kel & Partners, a social media and public relations agency. Ello then took a year off to travel, while visiting and researching museums in twelve countries around the world.

“This inspired me to continue my education in arts administration to work behind the scenes supporting communities and education through art,” Ello explained. “I hope to accomplish this goal through the AACE program by learning all the different facets of arts administration.”

Ello ultimately chose Northeastern’s AACE program because of the experienced professors and staff, as well as the diverse course curriculum. When asked to describe the program in one word, Ello says, “Inspiring.”