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Localized effects of ozone on a plant leaf. Photo courtesy of Dietmar Offenhuber.

The work of Northeastern University faculty members will be featured at an upcoming art exhibition that focuses on displaying important climate change information through various art mediums. The exhibition, entitled Untold Possibilities at the Last Minute, will feature interdisciplinary projects and installations throughout various spaces in Cambridge with the goal of engaging and educating the public.

Two of the featured artists are CAMD faculty Dietmar Offenhuber and Thomas Starr, both professors in the Department of Art and Design. Offenhuber will be showing his latest project, “The Ozone Tattoo.” This piece explores specific plant species as bio-indicators of ground level ozone, a phenomenon produced by the interaction of certain pollutants and sunlight. Inspired by the ozone garden approach, the Ozone Tattoo shows patterns of damage on plant leaves that were created by localized exposure to ozone.

Starr will be displaying an installation called “Remembrance of Climate Futures,” which consists of a trail of markers that help visualize the impact of climate change on local communities. The aluminum markers employ time travel as a means of communicating their message, engraved with statements backed by research that predict the status of each of their locations years in the future.

Professor Starr is known for producing work that focuses on visual communication that engages civic, social, and political discourse, challenging the public perception of important issues, including climate change. Read more about this specific project here.

Congratulations to Professor Offenhuber and Professor Starr for their work on each of their art installations in this exhibition, which will open with a reception held on May 23rd in Cambridge’s Gallery 344, and will be on view from May 20th through October 4th.