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This fall take a cool course at Art + Design!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.59.19 PMARTE 3901  ST: Physical Design
CRN: 16184
Faculty: Janos Stone , [email protected]

A hands-on, design-to-prototype experience @ CAMD Makerspace.

Sophomore standing or above Instructor’s permission is required for the course. Interested students, please email instructor prior to registration.

This semester students will collaborate with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Physical Design is partnering with the Museum of Fines Arts, Boston to develop safeguards against unauthorized 3d scans being  made of its artworks. The plan is that Physical Design students will research and identify how and why unauthorized 3d scans of artworks are made and then design countermeasures to these scans and implement their solutions in the Museum of Fines Arts, Boston galleries.

Physical objects are integral to and shape human experience. Students work with a variety of tools, materials and techniques in a practical studio to create physical form and build prototypes employing an iterative, reflective and critical design process. Students explore various material and aesthetic aspects of personal and social experience affect belief and behavior. This course also uses speculative design and design fiction for ideation, mapping and marking of unmarked conceptual territory to produce evidence innovation and improvements with value and benefit to the user.

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