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For the last six years, modular housing has been a research topic at Northeastern University’s School of Architecture, carried out through a series of research projects, courses and symposia organized by Associate Professor Ivan Rupnik, in collaboration with a number of faculty, graduate students and experts in the field. Research from the Mass. Production studio (2014-15) has been published in the edited volume, Ryan Smith and John Quale, Ed., Offsite Architecture: Constructing the Future (Rutledge, 2017).
Above: Frederick Vicklund, Art Campbell + Bruno Darin, Masters Students presenting their final projects from this year’s studio, Mass Modular.
Work from this year’s studio, Mass. Modular, will be published later this year in Product to Process: Prefab Houses and the Future of Building (London: Lund Humphries, 2017). The research of all three graduate studios, Home Work, Mass. Production and Mass. Modular was presented at the Modular Building Institutes annual conference, World of Modular, held in March in Tucson, Arizona.