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Graduating Master of Architecture student Kathryn Platt was among the students selected for the  inaugural Metropolis Future 100.  The students chosen for this honor are part of an impressive group of rising leaders that is defining and reimagining the practice of architecture and interior design. The recipients represent a bright future for the industry—one of beautiful, thoughtful, innovative, sustainable, and inclusive design.

Kathryn’s submission focused on buildings as sustainable and flexible systems.  She was nominated by her Master’s Research professor, David Fannon. Professor Fannon has  been the advisor to the NU Chapter of Freedom by Design, , the AIAS community service program that uses the talents of architecture students to radically impact the lives of people in their community through modest design and construction solutions. Kathryn has been an active member of this group throughout her time at the school and was a key team member on the the FBD Eggleston Peace Garden.

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In his nomination of Kathryn for this honor,  Professor Fannon noted,  “The [FBD Eggleston Square] ramp project is typical of Kathryn; demonstrating her leadership, rigor, and hard work, but also her passion to increase access in the built environment, and belief in our profession’s ethical obligations to serve as well as safeguard the public.” Describing Kathryn’s work on the FBD project at Eggleston Square Peace Garden, he observed “…amid endless logistical questions about what and how, Kathryn’s unwavering focus on the community provided the moral center for why we were building.”

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