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Northeastern University alumni have joined forces in the launch of a new art gallery in Boston’s South End. Three local artists, Yinglin (Yve) Yang and Farzaneh and Bahareh Safarani, MFA ‘16 (the Safarani Sisters) are collaborating on Merry Go Round, an interactive exhibition that will inaugurate Yve YANG Gallery and will feature the Safarani Sisters’ work.

Yve Yang, who graduated from Northeastern with a master’s degree in Technological Entrepreneurship in 2011, was first introduced to the Safarani Sisters when she stopped by their studio. Since many art galleries will not take a risk on young artists’ work, Yang has made it one of her goals to find, support, and help promote the work of young and talented artists in Boston. After instantly becoming interested in the work of the Safarani Sisters, Yang explained she was curating her first show, Merry Go Round, and looking for artists.

Yang’s gallery, which she co-founded with former Northeastern student Qianli (Chando) Ao, presents emerging and newly established artists from all over the world who work in a wide range of media. Merry Go Round is an interactive, artistic ride around the gallery space that shares the work of young, international artists. The artwork includes installations, videos, paintings, and projections. The exhibition features the works of up-and-coming artists from six countries – including the Safarani Sisters, who were born and raised in Iran.

“In this first exhibition, you will find that almost every piece is using technology and innovative medium to create art. We encourage artists to work interdisciplinary with technology and science, or other subjects,” described Yang. “We present conceptual, experimental and interdisciplinary artworks. For example, the Safarani Sisters’ oil painting works with a projector to create a moving image on traditional medium.”

The Safarani Sisters are eager to share their work with the Boston community through Merry Go Round. They view having their work on display in a public gallery as an important step forward in an artist’s career since it not only allows for visibility but also can serve as a valuable learning experience with viewer feedback.

“Having a show is an essential part of an artist’s life. When an artist creates something, it means that he or she has been placed in another level of consciousness about the world where they were inspired by something to create artwork,” explained Farzaneh and Bahareh. “Therefore, artists should feel responsible for their understanding and their unique experience. Creating an artwork is about sharing that understanding, and showing that in a gallery is a part of it. Artworks are like different languages for communication, and understanding the language is based on the artwork itself.”

The Safarani sisters studied a range of disciplines (including painting, performance, video, installation, conceptual art, and poetry) at the University of Tehran before joining Northeastern’s community for their master’s degrees. After some time at CAMD, they quickly became more connected to the local arts community and grew close to the talented faculty.

“The faculty in CAMD are passionate about their jobs and students, they care about you, and want you to create your best. They respect you and your work and they help endlessly to promote your work,” explained the Safarani Sisters. “The teachers are real artists and generous people; they not only teach you art but how to be a good teacher as well, which requires honesty.”

Merry Go Round is on exhibition through August 10.