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According to Professor Alan Schroeder, in his latest Huffington Post article on the presidential debates, Democratic contender Hillary Clinton again came out ahead in the third Democratic debate held Saturday, December 19 at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. Schroeder predicts that “… Clinton will be a formidable opponent on the main debate stage.” The article, “What Hillary Clinton Gets: The Third Democratic Presidential Debate,” was posted on December 20.


Professor Schroeder attended the final presidential debate heading into Spain’s national election in December 2015. In the opening set-up of the debate, moderator Manuel Campo Vidal cited Schroeder’s analogy of presidential debates to job interviews.  The debate was seen by nearly 10 million viewers, making it the fifth most-watched television program in Spanish history. While in Madrid, Professor Schroeder also took part in about 20 media interviews and lectured at two local colleges. For those who read Spanish, here is Schroeder’s review of the debate between Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and challenger Pedro Sanchez.