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Iowa residents recently received a pre-recorded phone call from American Renaissance, a super PAC known for it’s white supremacist views. The controversial call, which stated that it was not authorized by Trump, urged Iowa voters to cast their ballots for Donald Trump in the upcoming primaries. Professor Emmett G. Price IIIhad his chance to weigh in on Boston Public Radio’s “All Revved Up”, saying how the problem may not just be about Trump, but about the nation as a whole.

“The message was kind of sickening,” Price said. “But I appreciate that we live in a country that has freedom of speech. I think the challenge is, we’ve raised a number of generations where people don’t interrogate ideology. So yes, the robocall is fine. People don’t have to believe that, but when you take it to believe that this is something that is fair and equitable and democratic, then I have a problem.”

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