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As you gear up for Fall 2015 semester, the Department of Art + Design would like to inform you of student-owned laptop requirements for Art + Design courses in rooms 243, 305, 399, 399A, 411 and 427 in Ryder Hall.

The Art + Design curriculum integrates computer technology with most courses. A student-owned laptop and Adobe’s Creative Cloud is necessary for all students to complete course assignments and projects. Generally, Apple computers are the industry standard for most majors in Art + Design, however, many Windows computers are also suitable. You may already own a suitable laptop, however, should you need to purchase one, orders can be placed through myNeu, where Northeastern has worked with Apple to offer a discount beyond the standard educational discount. Orders should be placed prior to your arrival on campus. Deliveries to residence halls are strongly discouraged.

Please contact Chris Franson, CAMD’s IT and AV Manager, with questions at [email protected] or 617-373-7168.